Ebola Survivors Face Higher Risk Of Mortality, Possibly From Kidney Problems, Study Shows

Associated Press: Ebola survivors at higher risk of dying, even after recovery
“A study that tracked over 1,000 Ebola survivors [in Guinea] found they had a higher than usual chance of dying in the year after their recovery. Some health officials said the results suggest more should be done to monitor the health of survivors amid the ongoing outbreak in Congo…” (Cheng, 9/4).
Devex: Ebola survivors may be at increased risk of death, study suggests
“…The study highlighted the importance of strengthening monitoring programs for survivors of Ebola, especially those who stayed in the hospital for longer than 12 days. The authors hope a similar study will be replicated in other countries that were previously affected by Ebola, as well as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Ebola deaths have now topped 2,000…” (Ravelo, 9/5).
Reuters: Ebola survivors face kidney problems and risk of premature death
“…In the survivor study, published on Wednesday in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, scientists led by Ibrahima Socé Fall, an emergency response expert at the World Health Organization, followed 1,130 Guinean survivors of the 2013-16 outbreak. Over a follow-up period of an average of 22 months, 59 deaths were reported, of which 37 were tentatively attributed to renal failure based on reports by family members of the symptoms suffered by their dead loved one, the researchers said…” (Kelland, 9/4).