Ebola Recovery Provides Opportunity For Liberia To Build Trust In Government, International Donors

Global Policy Journal: The Ebola Opportunity
Blair Glencorse, executive director of the Accountability Lab in Liberia, and Ashoka Mukpo, a journalist and former civil society advocate who contracted Ebola in Liberia

“…[F]ew if any countries in the region have health care systems that could have withstood Ebola’s onslaught. But it would be a mistake to think that the lessons of this terrible year are limited to the health sector alone. After a lengthy post-war period where the international community poured billions of dollars into reconstruction, Liberia remains a fragile state whose citizenry is deeply wary of its government. … It is thus critical that the world redoubles its efforts to help Liberia build an inclusive society where people trust both their own leaders and the outside world…” (1/6).