Ebola Epidemic Underscores ‘Recurrent Saga Of Dysfunctional Health Care Systems’

NPR: Ebola: We May Have Won The Battle But We Haven’t Won The War
Karin Huster, clinical instructor of global health at the University of Washington’s Department of Global Health

“…Today, 24 months into the epidemic, the latest recurrence of the virus in Guinea is, ironically, the perfect simulation exercise everyone was calling for to measure progress achieved. … Disappointingly, the crucial issues of community mistrust, resistance, and lack of any semblance of [a] surveillance system — the very issues that allowed the epidemic to take hold and spread in the first place — seem to have remained, as if Ebola had never come here before. Sadly, the Ebola epidemic is the recurrent saga of dysfunctional health care systems disintegrating in the face of acute disease. … We will have learned nothing, and history will ineluctably repeat itself, if we do not take a hard, honest look at our failures and at the same time capitalize on the current momentum of interest and goodwill displayed by nations and harness this opportunity to implement truly sustainable solutions that will improve the lives of millions of West Africans” (3/27).