Ebola Efforts In West Africa Must Increase To Bring Outbreak Under Control, Study Says

News outlets report on a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases that says the world’s response to the West African Ebola outbreak must be bolstered to prevent tens of thousands of deaths.

The Guardian: Response to Ebola epidemic in West Africa too slow, say scientists
“The international response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is too slow and providing too few beds for the sick to stop the soaring number of cases and deaths, scientists say. A paper in the Lancet Infectious Diseases medical journal models the response in Montserrado, Liberia, against the spread of the virus and warns that current efforts will not bring the outbreak under control…” (Boseley, 10/23).

VOA News: Yale Researchers Project 90,000 Ebola Deaths In Monrovia Alone
“…[A] new study from Yale University shows that, even if all the aid already pledged came through, it would not be enough to control the epidemic in Liberia’s Montserrado County, where a quarter of Liberia’s people live and which includes Monrovia. The research shows that, without greater efforts, more than 170,000 people will get Ebola and, of that number, more than 90,000 will die by mid-December in just this one area…” (Pearson, 10/23).