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Ebola Death Toll Reaches Nearly 3,000, But Spread In Guinea Stabilizes, WHO Reports

News outlets report on the WHO’s announcement that the Ebola death toll has reached nearly 3,000, but the number of cases in Guinea appears to have stabilized.

New York Times: Ebola Death Toll Is More Than 2,900, WHO Says
“The number of people killed by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has reached at least 2,917, driven by the continuing rapid spread of the disease in Liberia and Sierra Leone, though in Guinea the number of new cases appears to have stabilized, the World Health Organization reported Thursday…” (Cumming-Bruce, 9/25).

Reuters: Ebola toll nears 3,000, but spread in Guinea stabilizes
“The exponential spread of the Ebola outbreak that has now killed almost 3,000 people in West Africa may have been checked in Guinea, the World Health Organization said on Thursday…” (Miles, 9/25).