E.U. Pledges Nearly $240M To GAVI; GSK Offers Vaccine Price Freeze For Some Nations

News outlets report on the GAVI Alliance’s replenishment conference and commitments from the private sector.

Devex: Why the E.U. ‘likes’ GAVI
“On Tuesday, the European Commission announced it will contribute €175 million (almost $240 million) to fund the GAVI Alliance’s global immunization efforts over the next six years…” (Donelli, 5/22).

FierceVaccines: Glaxo announces 5-year price freeze for post-GAVI countries
“GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been a partner of the GAVI Alliance for years, offering some of its vaccines at low cost to help support immunization efforts for children in emerging countries. But now, it’s going one step further with a five-year price freeze on three of its vaccines for countries that graduate from GAVI funding…” (Helfand, 5/22).