Drug-Resistant TB Continues To Pose Threat To Global Health; TB Community Must Adopt Human Rights-Based Approach To Ending Disease

Forbes: Drug-Resistant TB: A Clear And Present Danger
Madhukar Pai, Canada research chair in epidemiology & global health and director of global health programs and the McGill TB Centre at McGill University

“…Drug-resistant TB is [a] classic example of the dangers posed by antimicrobial resistance (AMR) … [On Tuesday,] The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) published a report entitled ‘It’s Time to End Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis.’ … The report makes … key observations. [Drug-resistant TB (DR-TB)] poses a significant threat to global health security, yet gets little funding. … DR-TB imposes a huge economic burden, on families and countries. … The case for investing in DR-TB is compelling and strong. … There is growing global commitment to fight DR-TB — but it is time for action. … [C]ountry leaders must be held accountable for meeting their SDG targets, and here, public engagement and advocacy is critical. The HIV field has greatly benefited from patient advocacy and a human-rights approach that is centered on helping people, not just disease control. It is time for the TB community to harness the power of patient advocacy and adopt a human rights-based approach for ending TB” (5/7).