Drug-Resistant Malaria, Insecticide-Resistant Mosquitoes Threaten Progress To Eliminate Disease

Devex: No ‘plan C’ drugs available, malaria progress threatened
“Although a scale up of effective interventions has led to a reduction in global malaria mortality rates by nearly half since 2000, a number of challenges pose a serious threat to gains made. One of the most concerning is growing resistance in Southeast Asia to artemisinin by the malaria parasite, according to the head of international nongovernmental organization Malaria Consortium…” (Donelli, 4/28).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Scientists race to beat mosquito resistance in fight against malaria
“…Scientists are racing to develop new insecticides, warning that tens of thousands of people in Africa could die every year if mosquitoes develop full resistance before replacements are found. The issue will be a concern when the World Health Assembly meets in Geneva next month to look at proposals to eliminate malaria in 35 countries by 2030…” (Whiting, 4/29).