DRC Health Officials, Partners Launch Efforts To Prevent Ebola Infections Among Health Care Workers; Insecurity, Lack Of Funding Hurting South Sudan’s Prevention Preparedness For Potential Cases

CIDRAP News: With Ebola cases rising, officials launch new infection control steps
“Over the weekend and through [Monday], 12 more Ebola cases were confirmed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), lifting the overall outbreak total to 3,081. In other developments, the DRC, with support from its global health partners, launched new infection prevention and control (IPC) efforts to curb healthcare-acquired infections…” (Schnirring, 9/9).
New Humanitarian: Ebola preparations falter in war‑weary South Sudan
“…Lingering insecurity, a lack of funding, and issues with managing [potential] cases … are hampering efforts to prevent a possible outbreak of Ebola in South Sudan, according to health workers, government officials, and community leaders interviewed by The New Humanitarian. … [H]ealth experts say it is only a matter of time before the first cases emerge in South Sudan, where five years of conflict have left nearly 400,000 people dead, millions displaced, and brought an already weak healthcare system to its knees…” (Mednick, 9/9).