DRC Health Ministry Clears Experimental Ebola Drugs For Testing; No New Cases Confirmed Since May 17

Bloomberg: New Ebola Outbreak May Open Door to Finding Drugs That Work
“As another outbreak of Ebola claims lives in central Africa, researchers are seeing within it a rare ray of hope: a chance to find a cure. For the first time, five experimental medicines are poised to undergo a real-life clinical trial against the virus at makeshift treatment centers in remote areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where most of the 53 [confirmed and suspected] cases originated. The country’s health ministry cleared all the treatments for use as of Monday…” (Fourcade/Kresge, 6/5).

VOA News: WHO: No New Cases of Ebola Confirmed into DRC Hotspots Since Mid-May
“The World Health Organization (WHO) reports no new cases of Ebola in the DR Congo’s Port City of Mbandaka and remote town of Bikoro have been confirmed since May 17. WHO says the last confirmed case was reported on May 30 in Itipo, a village in the area of Iboko. The total of confirmed cases stands at 37, including 25 deaths…” (Schlein, 6/6).