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DKT México Uses ‘Fun Strategy’ To Reach Adolescents, Young Adults With Contraceptive Campaign

Huffington Post: How to Promote Contraceptives to Teens in Latin America? Don’t Be Boring
David J. Olson, global health communications and social marketing adviser

“…In 2015, DKT México launched a family planning campaign focused on increasing awareness of pregnancy among teenagers and young adults. They opted for a serious, medical campaign in traditional pharmaceutical company style — talking about the bad effects of unwanted pregnancy and the myths of various contraceptives. … Their messages did not resonate with young people. … The campaign failed. At the same time, they were having a highly successful Prudence condom campaign with well attended events, a Facebook page with two million followers, and a Twitter account with 47,500 followers. Their condom sales tripled between 2012 and 2016. The contrast between the two campaigns showed DKT México they had to apply the same fun strategy of talking about sex in their family planning work as they were doing in their condom work. … [Another] new campaign has resulted in more young people viewing DKT websites and social media platforms, sharing information with their friends, and coming to DKT events and clinics to get information and products. And more of them are actually using contraception to avoid unplanned pregnancy…” (8/1).