Diphtheria Immunization Campaigns Begin In Bangladesh’s Rohingya Camps, Indonesia

Associated Press: Diphtheria deaths in Indonesia spark immunization campaign
“Indonesia is immunizing millions of children and teenagers against diphtheria after the disease killed 38 people, mostly children, since January…” (Karmini, 12/11).

NPR: Diphtheria: What Exactly Is It … And Why Is It Back?
“…With the introduction of a highly effective vaccine in the 1920s and early ’30s, diphtheria faded away in much of the world. Today it’s largely considered a disease of the past. But now it’s back in the headlines, spreading quickly in places like Bangladesh and Yemen…” (Bichell, 12/8).

Reuters: Indonesia races to contain diphtheria outbreak ahead of 2018 Asian Games
“Health authorities in Jakarta kicked off a special immunization program on Monday to rein in an ‘extraordinary’ outbreak of diphtheria that has sparked concerns about the Indonesian capital’s readiness to host the Asian Games next June…” (Matarani/Kapoor, 12/11).

VOA News: Mass Vaccinations of Rohingya Refugees to Prevent Diphtheria Begins
“A mass vaccination campaign is getting underway to stop diphtheria from spreading among Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh…” (Schlein, 12/10).