Devex Opinion Pieces Discuss Food Security, Malnutrition

Devex published several opinion pieces on food security and malnutrition as part of its #FeedingDev series.

Devex: It’s high time India stands up for its malnourished children
JK Raman, India country director at the Micronutrient Initiative

“…There is expertise, evidence and resources available in India to address children’s malnutrition. This is a war that the country has fought half-heartedly so far, and we have let down far too many young children who now find it difficult to stand at par with their more fortunate peers. We need an urgent change, a change in intention and a change that has the power to transform young lives…” (7/28).

Devex: Food security for global security
Daniel Speckhard, former U.S. ambassador to Greece and Belarus

“…[I]t’s worth remembering that food insecurity and rural poverty are significant contributors in many cases to the forces for instability. … Building broad-based economic opportunities, including in the rural areas, is time-consuming and resource-intensive, but there are no shortcuts to a more secure world. We need to engage more rather than less at the grassroots in these tough places and we need to do so with a greater sense of urgency…” (7/28).

Devex: Food security and nutrition — 2 sides of the same coin
Thabani Maphosa, partnership leader for food assistance at World Vision

“Nutrition has many, well-known faces: healthy babies in the first 1,000 days of life, smiling lactating and pregnant mothers, focused children learning in school. Food security is a lesser-known but equally important face. And the two are intrinsically linked. … When done right, food assistance programs improve food security programs. When done right, food security programs improve nutrition. But for this to happen, an integrated approach is needed…” (7/28).