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Devex News Analysis Examines Democratic, Republican Party Platforms On Foreign Policy, Including Global Health

A Devex news analysis examines the Democratic and Republican platform positions on foreign policy following the party conventions, writing, “Even as pocketbook concerns continue to overshadow foreign policy issues on the campaign trail, in both Charlotte and Tampa, top-billed speakers made the case for the U.S. foreign aid program.” The article examines the core principles of each platform, notes that neither platform offers specifics on foreign aid spending, and discusses the platforms’ stances on certain foreign policy issues, including global health, food security, climate change, and gay rights.

Devex notes that “[b]oth political party platforms call attention to the accomplishments of PEPFAR,” and continues, “Yet while the Democratic platform makes clear that PEPFAR is part of a larger commitment to combat infectious diseases, this year’s Republican platform is mostly silent on the U.S. role in addressing broader health challenges.” The news service also states, “In 2012, both platforms do express support for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, a multilateral financing facility where the United States has historically been the leading donor” (Piccio, 9/10).