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Devex Highlights Foreign Policy Issues Presented In Obama’s SOTU Address

Devex highlights U.S. foreign policy issues President Obama addressed in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday night.

Devex: Obama highlights U.S. aid priorities in SOTU
“As expected, foreign aid was barely a footnote in U.S. President Barack Obama’s annual address to the nation — but a few interesting tidbits did come out. … [T]he U.S. president mentioned several priority areas for aid, like building democracy ‘from Tunisia to Burma (Myanmar),’ supporting energy access for all and fighting poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, and responding to natural disasters like the recent typhoon in the Philippines…” (Santamaria, 1/29).

Devex: SOTU 2014: Share your vision for U.S. foreign aid
“…On Tuesday, the eve of this year’s SOTU, Devex asked several Washington insiders to imagine what they’d want the president to say if his speech contained a detailed section on development cooperation. … Here are a few thoughts from your development experts in and around Washington…” (Igoe, 1/28).