Devex Examines U.S. Foreign Assistance, USAID Agendas In 2014

Devex: U.S. aid reform in 2014: 8 issues Congress may tackle
“Congress has long avoided comprehensive reform of U.S. development cooperation, and 2014 will likely be no different. But there’s a good chance lawmakers will consider a number of issues that could affect international development…” The news service says the “eight issues to watch in 2014” include food aid reform, Electrify Africa, aid transparency and accountability, USAID organizational changes, international trade, AGOA reauthorization, emergency relief, and Foreign Assistance Act overhaul (Igoe et al., 1/6).

Devex: A new year’s resolution for U.S. aid
“For U.S. foreign aid, 2013 set bold aspirations against a backdrop of dysfunctional budgetary and legislative decision-making in Congress. If the U.S. government is going to drive a relevant foreign assistance agenda forward, it will have to take advantage of opportunities early next year to embed a growing list of goals within a clearer vision of how U.S. development professionals can serve a world where poverty and fragility increasingly intersect…” (Igoe, 12/23).