Devex Examines Efforts To Increase Funding, Political Leadership For Sexual, Reproductive Health, Rights

Devex: SRHR, UHC, and the search for increased domestic funding
“Increased financing, political leadership, and health systems strengthening are among the six political asks that UHC2030 — the global movement to build stronger health systems for universal health coverage — have created to feed into the United Nations High-Level Meeting on UHC in September. … In trying to overcome the financing barriers, increase domestic funding, and work to increase the access women and girls have to services such as contraception, safe abortion, and sexual health rights — and achieve UHC by 2030 — there are some actions those in the development sector can take: 1. Provide evidence and communicate it in the right way … 2. Take a multisectoral and stakeholder approach … 3. Engage civil society in initial budget conversations…” (Root, 6/24).