Development, Global Health Progress Being Made Worldwide Despite President Trump’s Approach To Foreign Aid, Diplomacy

The Guardian: The world is moving on — with or without Trump’s crude bravado
Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University

“…A lot of [President] Trump’s speech [at last week’s U.N. General Assembly] was couched in an exceptionally crude, simplistic manner. … It is the arrogance of a country that has been ‘in charge’ for a long time. But it’s not really in charge any longer … We don’t have to be the indispensable country — we should just be a responsible country, participating and cooperating with other countries. … [T]he good news is that progress is being made across the world and what is happening in the United States won’t stop that. In terms of the Sustainable Development Goals which were discussed at the U.N. last week, there is enormous progress. … I’m watching great breakthroughs in health that are absolutely wonderful, deploying community health workers with smartphones that can fight malaria, that can help mothers with the antenatal visits and safe pregnancy and safe childbirth. They can get malaria under control and AIDS under control, working with the U.N. on a pathway to end the AIDS epidemic in a very realistic science-based way…” (9/23).