Development Community Can Play Role In Helping Governments Achieve Food-, Nutrition-Related SDG Targets

Devex: Where should #globaldev community focus aid to end hunger?
Ali Hayat, monitoring and evaluation specialist at Management Systems International, and Gwynne Zodrow, technical manager on the Strategic Management and Performance Improvement Team at MSI

“…[T]he fulfillment of [the SDG focused on ‘ending hunger, achieving food security, improved nutrition and sustainable agriculture’] will … depend on finding cost-effective and innovative solutions that enhance the ability of existing institutions, mechanisms, and resources. … Our experience suggests two important ways in which the development community can play an enhanced role in supporting government efforts to achieve the SDG on ending hunger and enhancing food security, namely: 1. Build governments’ institutional capacity to increase food security … [and] 2. Support governments in scaling up innovative approaches to addressing food insecurity…” (9/18).