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Decriminalizing Abortion In Argentina Would Offer Health, Quality Of Life Benefits To Women, Girls

Inter Press Service: The Legalization of Abortion in Argentina will Benefit Thousands of Women
Nelly Minyersky, lawyer and family law specialist, writing for Amnesty International

“…[In Argentina,] criminalization of abortion (Art. 86 of the Criminal Code of the Nation) constitutes a flagrant violation of a plethora of rights that are legitimately ours and which are enshrined in the National Constitution and Human Rights Treaties. … The draft Law on Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy is an enormous step forward in the recognition of women’s autonomy. It accepts the principles of bioethics, which are based on express recognition of human dignity as a founding principle. It completely decriminalizes consensual abortion up to and including week 14. … Approval of this law … will offer health and quality of life benefits to thousands upon thousands of girls, teenagers, and women. We must not be afraid when debates result in an extension of rights, and in full equality before the law and in life” (8/8).

Argentina’s senate rejected the draft law. Additional coverage can be found here.