Cutting Foreign Aid Could Incentivize Countries To ‘Take Charge Of Their Own Future’

Quartz: I’ve worked in foreign aid for 50 years — Trump is right to end it, even if his reasons are wrong
Tom Dichter, anthropologist

“…[D]evelopment aid ought to be less about money and more about collegial discourse, with ‘us’ admitting that we really have very few answers. … [I]f the goal of development aid to poor countries is to be met, our agencies need to become smaller, not larger; we need to take a back seat and ‘do’ less. Indeed someday soon, we need to prepare to go out of business. No industry wants to hear this, but aid … was meant not to last. … [I]f aid is cut — even for the wrong reasons — to those nations where the evidence of its ineffectiveness goes back decades … there is a good chance that at least some of these countries will have a real incentive to take charge of their own future” (4/21).