Cuts To U.S. Global Health Investments Would Impact North Carolina’s Economy, Jobs Market

News & Observer: Trump’s budget would set back global health and Triangle jobs
Claire Neal, executive director of the Triangle Global Health Consortium

“…In addition to affecting our safety, [funding] cuts to federal programs would ripple through our global health community here in North Carolina. … Between our major universities, our biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, our non-profit organizations, and our faith-based groups, over 200 North Carolina organizations and institutions work in more than 185 countries to improve global health. Collectively, our organizations positively impact millions of lives around the world contributing to declines in mortality, extreme poverty, and disease. … As we have seen with Zika and Ebola, a disease threat anywhere in the world is a disease threat everywhere, including here in our state. North Carolina-based organizations are inventing new vaccines, testing medical devices, training health workers, and strengthening health systems making the world more safe and secure for everyone. … The global health sector is not only responsible for saving lives — we also collectively generate jobs and spur economic activity. … North Carolina’s quickly growing global health sector has for many years generated knowledge, highly skilled individuals, jobs, and partnerships that have established the state as a leader in global health. Our federal government’s investment in global health not only improves the health and safety of people around the world — it is critical to supporting our citizens here in North Carolina” (3/23).