Cuba’s Increasing Role In Global Health, Success In Eliminating HIV MTCT Offer Lessons For International Community

The Lancet: Cuba: defeating AIDS and advancing global health
Editorial Board

“On June 30, Cuba became the world’s first country to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV. … Cuba shows that the PAHO-WHO initiative implemented since 2010 to ensure early access to prenatal care, HIV testing, treatment, and breastfeeding substitution, as part of an ‘equitable, accessible, and universal health system in which maternal and child health programs are integrated with programs for HIV,’ is a successful approach that could be replicated elsewhere. … Worldwide, an estimated 1.4 million women infected with HIV become pregnant each year. Girls and young women should be a much greater focus in the HIV/AIDS response. … Cuba’s increasing role in global health and inclusion within the international community — as signaled most recently by the renewed diplomatic relations with the USA — are welcome and crucial for a truly global discourse on health” (7/11).