COVID-19 Pandemic Altering International Diplomacy, Operations Of Governments Worldwide

AP: Global diplomacy under the gun in the time of coronavirus
“…The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered international diplomacy. While the interruptions may seem to many like trivial inconveniences for a well-heeled jet set, they may have significant implications for matters of war and peace, arms control, and human rights. … As the world fights what U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres calls ‘a war against a virus,’ many diplomats are wondering if that life will return when the ‘war’ is over…” (Lee et al., 4/4).

The Hill: How governments around the world are passing laws amid the coronavirus crisis
“Congressional leaders in both parties have dismissed the idea of virtual voting during the coronavirus pandemic, but a number of U.S. states and countries around the world have found ways to adapt to vote on bills and participate in debates while maintaining social distancing…” (Marcos, 4/5).