COVID-19 Cases Rising In Some Asian Countries As Lockdowns Ease; Russia Reports Record 1-Day Rise In Deaths; Peru Hit Hard, Especially Rural Areas; Some Arab Nations Turn To Israel For Support; Puerto Rico’s Safety Nets Strain Amid Pandemic


The Guardian: Surge in deaths in North Darfur raises fears of disastrous Covid-19 outbreak (Ahmed, 5/29).

New Humanitarian: Six ways COVID-19 is changing South Africa (Oliver, 5/28).


Al Jazeera: Hundreds of children in Pakistan’s Sindh infected with COVID-19 (5/29).

New York Times: ‘It’s Too Late’: In Sprawling Indonesia, Coronavirus Surges (Beech/Suhartono, 5/28).

Reuters: Philippines eases one of world’s toughest curbs amid spike in coronavirus cases (Lema/Morales, 5/27).

Reuters: South Korea seeks to import anti-viral remdesivir as new coronavirus cases emerge (Smith/Shin, 5/29).

Wall Street Journal: Millions of Indians Are Fleeing Cities, Raising Fears of a Coronavirus ‘Land Mine’ in Villages (Roy/Agarwal, 5/27).


Bloomberg: Moscow Says Coronavirus-Related Death Rate Is Twice Direct Toll (Rudnitsky, 5/28).

Reuters: We want money not medals, say protesting French health workers (Chiarello/Vidalon, 5/28).

Reuters: Russia reports record one-day rise in coronavirus deaths (Stolyarov, 5/29).

Wall Street Journal: E.U. Took Big Step With Coronavirus-Recovery Proposal — Now Comes the Hard Part (Michaels, 5/28).


AP: Peruvian families bury multiple members amid pandemic (Brice├▒o, 5/28).

BBC: Coronavirus: What are the numbers out of Latin America? (Horton, 5/28).

The Lancet: COVID-19 strains remote regions of Peru (Fraser, 5/30).

New York Times: ‘It’s Not the Virus’: Mexico’s Broken Hospitals Become Killers, Too (Kitroeff/Villegas, 5/28).


Los Angeles Times: Fearing coronavirus spike, some Arab Gulf states turn to a supposed enemy: Israel (Tarnopolsky/Bulos, 5/28).

Radio Free Europe/RadioLiberty: Getting It In The Gut: Iran Sees Rise In Gastrointestinal Coronavirus Infections (Synovitz/Sinaiee, 5/26).


The Atlantic: Where Fears of Deportation Made the Pandemic Worse (Raff, 5/29).

Reuters: U.S. hospitals slash use of drug championed by Trump as coronavirus treatment (Erman/Beasley, 5/29).

Washington Post: White House and CDC remove coronavirus warnings about choirs in faith guidance (Sun/Dawsey, 5/28).

Washington Post: In Puerto Rico, an economic disaster looms amid fears of coronavirus (Hernández, 5/28).