Congress Should Approve Reach Act To Advance Global Maternal, Child Survival

The Hill: Bill to save more lives faster needs Congressional support
Steve Davis, president and CEO of PATH

“…The [Reach Every Mother and Child Act (Reach Act)] is the most important piece of legislation for child and maternal survival to hit the hopper in decades. … It calls on USAID to more efficiently leverage U.S. investments to reach more women and children with lifesaving health services and technologies and, importantly, reinvigorates efforts to develop and scale new innovations to address leading causes of death and illness. … The Reach Act gives every member of Congress a chance to make that smart decision, by calling on USAID to advance health technologies — with an emphasis on affordable solutions with high potential impact — to save even more moms and kids, faster. The Reach Act’s legacy will be long-lasting and far-reaching. We call on Congress to support this landmark act…” (10/9).