Conditions For World’s Poorest Improving But UNDP Poverty Index Continues To Show Inequality, Disparity In Progress

The Guardian: Life is getting better for world’s poorest — but children bear greatest burden
“The U.N.’s key global poverty index has identified that conditions for the world’s poorest 40% are improving more quickly than for those just above them. The positive trend has been identified in the latest assessment of world poverty collected by the U.N. Development Programme, which quantifies relative impoverishment across the globe by multiple factors. … The aim of the multidimensional poverty index, published by UNDP on Thursday, is to go beyond using income as the sole indicator for poverty by highlighting other ways in which people experience deprivation. Health, education, and standard of living were among the areas investigated with the aim of identifying wide disparities in poverty, even within single households…” (Beaumont, 7/12).