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‘Concerted Action’ By Governments, Philanthropic Foundations, Private Sector Needed To Mobilize Funding For Neglected Diseases

BMJ: Funding innovation in neglected diseases
Gavin Yamey, professor of global health and public policy at the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health at Duke University, and colleagues

“…Strategies to mobilize funding [for neglected diseases] should engage governments from high-, low-, and middle-income countries, philanthropic foundations, and the private sector. We propose five interconnected approaches. … Firstly, the public and philanthropic sectors should continue to expand successful incentive mechanisms and test new ones to attract industry to participate in product development for neglected diseases. … Secondly, funders could support a ‘health investors’ platform’ to improve the targeting of limited resources. … A third approach is for international donors to work more closely with experts within low- and middle-income countries to tackle the documented mismatch between global and national research priorities. … Fourthly, many low- and middle-income countries … are already funding research into neglected diseases, and a coordinated global effort is needed to encourage others to follow suit. … Finally, donors could help to unlock domestic resources for research in low- and middle-income countries … Concerted action on multiple fronts is required to mobilize funding to develop new treatments, to optimize its impact, and to put in place a sustainable pipeline of innovations for these important diseases” (3/20).