Coal Emissions Pollution Increases Risk Of Heart Disease-Related Mortality More Than Other Air Pollutants, Study Shows

News outlets report on findings from a study published online Wednesday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

HealthDay News: Pollution From Coal Burning Most Damaging to Health, Study Finds
“Air pollution particles from the burning of coal are far more dangerous to your health than those from other sources, a new study indicates…” (Preidt, 12/2).

Washington Post: Coal is king among pollution that causes heart disease, study says
“…The risk of death from heart disease, including heart attacks, was five times higher for people who breathed pollution from coal emissions over 20 years than for those who were exposed to other types of air pollution, according to the study’s findings. … Air pollution has been identified by the World Health Organization as a major health threat linked to heart disease across the globe…” (Fears, 12/2).