Clinical Trials Of Hepatitis C Treatments Show Success

News outlets examine recently released clinical trial results of hepatitis C treatments.

Financial Times: Drug groups step up race for hepatitis C treatments
“Drugmakers are stepping up the race for multibillion-dollar hepatitis C treatments after trial data showed how the disease had become one of the most promising areas of drug development…” (Ward, 4/13).

Los Angeles Times: New drugs provide cure for hepatitis C, research finds
“…In a series of clinical trial results, a new generation of antiviral medications was able to clear the liver-ravaging virus from virtually all patients’ bloodstreams in as little as eight weeks. Even in patients with the most stubborn infections, the new drugs were capable of suppressing the virus completely at rates well over 90 percent. The treatments, however, come with a steep price tag…” (Healy, 4/11).