Climate-Compatible Agriculture Essential To Improving Food Security, Environmental Health

Huffington Post: Is Food Security Breaking Through in Paris Climate Talks?
Frank Rijsberman, CEO of CGIAR Consortium

“The latest news from Paris is cautiously optimistic that we will have an agreement by Friday. What does it mean for agriculture and food security? … A recent CGIAR analysis of the first 150 country climate commitments (INDCs) submitted ahead of the U.N. climate talks revealed that countries appear to prioritize agriculture more than the negotiations have. … Willingness to address agriculture and food security finally appears to be having some impact. … One of the most promising new ideas at the Paris climate talks so far, is the French government’s ‘4 pour mille’ initiative. The name 4 pour mille (or 0.4 percent) refers to the annual increase in soil carbon, which would offset atmospheric carbon emissions. … While agriculture and food security are the buzzwords at COP21 in Paris, … we have to make sure climate-compatible agriculture is front and center for the negotiators at COP22 in Marrakech” (12/8).