Clearly Founder Discusses Private Sector’s Role In Ensuring Eye Health For Employees

World Economic Forum: This cheap, 700-year old solution could change billions of lives
James Chen, founder of Clearly, discusses the importance of eye health and the private sector’s role in providing eye health care to employees, noting, “The implications of primary eye health care and glasses in helping older workers stay in work are huge — not to mention reducing poverty, helping younger family members to stay in school, improving health and well-being among elderly members of the community — the list goes on. This is startling and indisputable evidence for the power of glasses. More importantly, for business leaders, it is a sign that real, affordable, and existing solutions have been trialed and de-risked. … We need to find more ways to build strategies for the business sector to drive change. This is undoubtedly the best way forward, not only for poor vision but for issues of education, gender equality, pollution, and other pillars of the sustainable development goals” (3/18).