Clean Cooking Alliance, Partners Announce New Campaign To Raise Awareness, Urge Global Action On Issue

Clean Cooking Alliance: Champions, Partners Launch Global Advocacy Campaign “Clean Cooking Is…”
According to a release, “The Clean Cooking Alliance (Alliance) and partners from around the world launched ‘Clean Cooking Is…,’ a first-of-its-kind campaign and digital activation strategy built to drive greater awareness, engagement, and support for clean cooking. … Globally, three billion people rely on polluting, open fires and inefficient stoves to cook their meals. Despite being a leading source of air pollution and causing four million deaths every year — more than malaria and tuberculosis combined — cooking is too often overlooked as a development priority. It is one of the most underfunded — and furthest behind — indicators in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), receiving less than one percent of the estimated resources needed to address it…” (11/5).