Cholera Continues To Spread In War-Torn Yemen, Where Humanitarian Efforts Face Access Challenges

Al Jazeera: Who is to blame for the cholera outbreak in Yemen?
“The United Nations (U.N.) describes the unprecedented cholera outbreak in Yemen as the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. … The Saudi-led coalition has closed the main airport and prevented many human rights workers from entering the country. So, is the Saudi-imposed blockade complicating aid efforts?…” (6/18).

NPR: Cholera Ravages Yemen
“…Over the past six weeks, more than 124,000 suspected cholera cases have been reported. To put this in perspective, there were only 172,000 cases reported globally to the World Health Organization for all of 2015. To be fair, many cholera cases go unreported each year, but by any standard the current outbreak in Yemen is huge…” (Beaubien, 6/16).