Chinese Government ‘Should Not Regulate Birth’

New York Times: Relaxing China’s One-Child Policy
Dai Qing, Beijing-based investigative journalist

“…Regardless of whether birth control laws prohibit or encourage procreation, if such laws are based simply on the whims of a dictator or on statistics, they are bound to run into problems. We may not want to have more children, but we should have the right to do so, if we please. Controlling the population is not a solution to the country’s demographic imbalances. The [Chinese] government should not regulate birth, period. Education is a means to broaden a girl’s perspective, to give her confidence, to help her appreciate her creativity and quality of life, and to make her realize the importance of dignity and social responsibility. This is what an effective population control policy looks like. … It’s time to restore that right to all Chinese women” (6/12).