Children Who Receive Chickenpox Vaccine Less Likely To Get Shingles, Study Shows

New York Times: Chickenpox Vaccine May Protect Against Shingles Years Later
“The chickenpox vaccine not only protects against chickenpox: A new study has found it also lowers the risk for shingles. … The study, in Pediatrics, included 6.4 million children under 18, half of whom had the chickenpox vaccine. The researchers calculated rates of shingles from 2003 through 2014…” (Bakalar, 6/10).

STAT: When kids are vaccinated against chickenpox, they’re less likely to get shingles, too
“…The rate of shingles cases in vaccinated children was 78% lower than it was among unvaccinated children who had contracted the virus, varicella, the authors reported Monday in the journal Pediatrics. Overall, over the 12-year period studied, the rate of shingles cases among all children in the study fell by 72%, as increasing numbers of vaccinated children likely led to a decrease in infections among unvaccinated children through a phenomenon called herd immunity…” (Branswell, 6/10).