Children In Conflict-Torn Yemen Suffer From Severe Malnutrition

The Guardian: We saw how Yemen’s children are slowly starving to death
Krishnan Guru-Murthy, journalist

“…Those who are malnourished are set to be, by far, the biggest casualties of Yemen’s war. … Hundreds of thousands of children in Yemen … are suffering from severe malnutrition, and possibly millions are in the early stages. Statistics in countries like this are unreliable, but the doctors say there is a procession of children coming through the emergency unit every day. Patients with other conditions are made worse by malnutrition. … The infrastructure Yemen needs to distribute food has been effectively crippled. … A mobile team of doctors and nurses provide what help they can, but they have few supplies. Parents told to take their children to hospital often can’t afford to do so…” (10/6).