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Chicago Council Guest Commentaries Discuss Ways To Address Global Food Security

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Guest Commentary — Confronting Our Biggest Challenges: Innovation And Collaboration Will Drive Food Security
Krysta Harden, vice president of public policy and chief sustainability officer at DuPont, discusses DuPont’s efforts to establish partnerships to address global food security challenges, writing, “Solutions must be collaborative — reached in concert with communities, governments, NGOs, and farmers who know the ‘facts on the ground’ and with global businesses who have the specialized expertise or resources to help solve particular problems. … We welcome those conversations and invite people to reach out to us to establish new, robust connections that will have a meaningful impact and make positive change” (3/21).

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Guest Commentary — Food Crisis And Famine: A Compelling Call To Create Strategic Food Reserve Systems
Samrat Singh, research associate at Imperial College London, discusses the need to establish emergency reserve food and agriculture systems, writing, “As the world faces the biggest food crisis since 1945, there is a clear and urgent need to develop and support a network of national and regional food and agriculture input reserve systems. … While the causes of this crisis are complex and at times seemingly intractable, prompt and preemptive support through strategic food reserves can prevent the precipitous collapse of food security…” (3/22).