CGD Podcast Discusses How Investments In Women, Family Planning Work To Improve ‘America-First Strategy,’ Developing Countries’ Economies

Center for Global Development’s “CGD Podcast”: Empowering Women Can Make America Great — Podcast with Amanda Glassman, Mayra Buvinic, and Charles Kenny
In this podcast, Rajesh Mirchandani, vice president of communications and policy outreach, speaks with Amanda Glassman, chief operating officer and senior fellow at CGD, and Mayra Buvinic and Charles Kenny, co-directors of CGD’s gender program and senior fellows at CGD, about how “the evidence that engaging and empowering women — both at home and overseas — makes good sense, especially in an America-First strategy.” They discuss the implications of the expanded Mexico City policy and how “providing access to family planning for women in developing countries helps to empower women and strengthen those countries’ economies — and that’s good for America’s economy” (1/26).