CGD Expert Examines Development Cooperation, Competition, U.S. Approach, In Brookings Blog

Brookings Institution’s “Future Development”: What happens when development cooperation becomes development competition
Scott Morris, senior fellow and director of the U.S. Development Policy Initiative at the Center for Global Development, discusses development cooperation and competition among donors in this guest blog post. Morris writes, “If there is one thing that major donor countries have agreed on, it’s the need to cooperate, with developing country ‘partners’ and with each other when it comes to the delivery of development assistance.” Morris then examines emerging competition among some donors, particularly the U.S. response to Chinese development finance. Morris concludes, “Rather than seek to lure countries away from China’s money, U.S. policy would do well to recognize it as a reality and seek to reform its problematic features. Achieving that will require cooperation, with like-minded countries — of which there are many — and with the Chinese themselves” (11/16).