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CGD Europe Experts Examine Measures Of Aid Quality, Effectiveness

Center for Global Development: How Do You Measure Aid Quality and Who Ranks Highest?
Ian Mitchell, deputy director and senior policy fellow, and Caitlin McKee, research associate, both with CGD Europe, write, “Here we report on new results of one of the few measures of aid ‘quality’ — the Quality of Official Development Assistance (QuODA), which aims to bring aid effectiveness back into focus. Aid effectiveness still matters enormously to the world’s poor; donors should revisit effective aid principles and agree measures which take better account of today’s challenges and context. … [W]e look at how we can currently measure aid effectiveness, how countries and multilateral donors rank, and where the agenda should go next. Across the measures, New Zealand, Denmark, and Australia rank highest. The results also highlight what many countries can and should improve on: eliminating tied aid and enhancing the use of recipient country systems and priorities…” (11/15).