CDC, U.S. Government Working With Countries, Partners To End TB, Official Writes In Opinion Piece

The Hill: CDC answers call for accountability in global tuberculosis response
Rebecca Martin, director of CDC’s Center for Global Health

“…Just over one year ago, at the United Nations High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis, global leaders recognized the continuing threat of TB, including the growing numbers of multi-drug resistant cases of which fewer than 20 percent are cured. … [They] unanimously signed the ‘Political Declaration on the Fight Against Tuberculosis,’ reaffirming the ambitious END TB targets and committing themselves to deliver funding … The U.S. government remains the largest single donor for research, development and programs in this fight. … [E]very country must answer the call to end the global TB emergency. Just over one year ago, we stood at a critical juncture with an opportunity to elevate worldwide leadership and commitment in the fight against TB. Today, CDC, working with countries and national and global partners, remains laser-focused on the commitments made to achieve lasting impact in stopping the threat that TB poses to our national and global health security” (Martin, 11/18).