Carter Center Launches New Fundraising Campaign To Eradicate Guinea Worm

Carter Center: Carter Center Challenges Donors to Help Eradicate Guinea Worm Disease
“The Carter Center Board of Trustees announced it is launching a $40 million fundraising campaign, including a $20 million Carter Center Challenge Fund, toward the eradication of Guinea worm disease, and Alwaleed Philanthropies, a global philanthropic foundation, said it would invest the first $1 million in matching support. … The Carter Center, working with core partners including the WHO, has led the global campaign to eradicate Guinea worm disease since 1986, when an estimated 3.5 million people a year in 21 countries were infected with the often meter-long worms that slowly and painfully erupt from wounds in the skin. As of Aug. 31, 36 provisional cases had been reported in 2019…” (9/26).