Canadian-Funded Program In Mozambique Offers Access To Abortion, Contraceptives, Training On Family Planning

Globe and Mail: In Mozambique, Canadian aid funds a rare service: safe abortions
“…The $18-million Mozambique project is financed under the Trudeau government’s ‘feminist international assistance’ policy, which provides $550-million annually for sexual- and reproductive-health and rights, including family planning and abortion, with plans to increase funding over the next three years. … In addition to training doctors and providing abortion medicine, the Canadian project uses household visits and small-group discussions to help educate Mozambicans on family planning and contraception methods, sexual and reproductive rights, gender equality, and the need to halt child marriage and gender-based violence. It has also trained hospital and clinic staff to file reports with the police when they see victims of rape or other violence. Its main focus is on girls and young women up to the age of 24, although it also includes education sessions for young men…” (York, 2/25).