Bustle Examines Effects Of Trump Administration’s Expanded Mexico City Policy

Bustle: How Trump’s Global Gag Rule Is Stigmatizing Women’s Reproductive Rights Overseas
“…[On his first day in office, President Trump] reinstated [and expanded] a rule that prevents U.S. foreign aid [for global health] from going to organizations overseas that so much as mention the word ‘abortion’ to patients. An organization that provides reproductive health services around the world, Marie Stopes International, refused to sign the ‘global gag rule,’ as the [Mexico City] policy is known. More than two years later, some of its branches are struggling to secure funding, and those who work at Marie Stopes say the rule has lit a fire under ‘anti-choice movements’ around the continent. In interviews with Bustle, directors for several Marie Stopes branches … say it has generated stigma against the reproductive health services they provide, as well as emboldened groups that oppose women’s reproductive rights overseas…” (Lim, 3/8).