Brookings Report Examines Private Sector Spending On Global Health R&D, Discusses Barriers, Opportunities

Brookings Institution: How much does the private sector invest in global health R&D?
Jake Schneider, research assistant, John Villasenor, nonresident senior fellow of governance studies at the Center for Technology Innovation, and Darrell West, director and vice president of governance studies and founding director of the Center for Technology Innovation, all at the Brookings Institution, discuss results from a new Brookings report examining the private sector and global health R&D spending. “Looking to the future, private sector spending in global health R&D must increase to counteract a likely slowdown in public health investment,” the authors write. In the paper, they “make several recommendations for improving private investment in global health R&D” and “argue that there is a mismatch between investment levels and the burden of disease … for specific diseases” (9/12).