BRICS Countries Can Lead Global Efforts To Meet Hunger-, Poverty-Related Goals By 2030

Inter Press Service: BRICS to Lead World’s Efforts to Eradicate Hunger, Poverty by 2030
“With the clock ticking toward the 2030 deadline for meeting the international goals to eradicate hunger and poverty, five of the world’s most important emerging economies are well-positioned to take a leading role in helping to achieve these objectives, according to the United Nations. The five countries, known collectively as the ‘BRICS’ (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), form an important economic block, the Rome-based U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on June 16 reported…” (6/16).

U.N. News Centre: ‘BRICS’ countries well placed to help lead global efforts to tackle hunger — U.N. agency
“…These five countries … form an economic block that accounts for more than 40 percent of the world’s population and over 20 percent of global gross domestic product (GDP). Together, they produce more than one-third of global cereal production, with Russia becoming the largest wheat exporter in the world…” (6/16).