Brazilian Organization Serves As Model For ‘Holistic’ Anti-Poverty Programs

Huffington Post: An Action Plan to Help Sick Kids Break out of Poverty
Hans Hickler of Brazil Child Health

“Brazil Child Health (known in Brazil by its Portuguese name, Associação Saúde Criança) supports underserved, poor women with chronically sick children and their families. Most of these families live in the favelas (urban slums) of Brazil, and do not have access to even basic citizenship rights. Brazil Child Health provides families with a holistic two-year Family Action Plan that addresses their total wellbeing — not just health, but also housing, income generation and education, as well as legal and psychological support. … In the long term, Brazil Child Health aspires to scale its proven methodology, making it available globally to break the cycle of misery and poverty that impacts so many families facing serious health and social barriers” (11/5).