Bombings Of Hospitals Continue In War-Torn Syria, Sources Say

CNN: Syria: 2nd hospital destroyed by bombs as regime gains ground in Aleppo
“…At least seven people died and more remain trapped under rubble after ‘bunker-buster’ bombs destroyed the M10 hospital in Aleppo on Monday, opposition activists from the Aleppo Media Center said. Monday’s attack marked the third time in a week the M10 hospital was bombed. Airstrikes also pummeled the hospital, in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, last Wednesday and Saturday…” (Karadsheh et al., 10/4).

Reuters: Even in a bunker under a mountain, Syrian hospital knocked out by strikes
“…Western countries including the United States say Syria’s government and its Russian allies are guilty of war crimes for deliberately targeting civilians, aid deliveries, and hospitals during a three week escalation of the civil war. Moscow and Damascus say they target only militants and deny that they have hit hospitals, although several have been hit during the latest bombing campaign, which began after a ceasefire collapsed in September…” (Francis, 10/3).