Blogs, Releases Address Various COVID-19 Topics, Including Testing Capacity, Disease Surveillance In Ghana, Impact On Women in Zambia, Reducing Impact On Amazonian Peoples

Brookings Institution’s “Future Development”: How well is Ghana — with one of the best testing capacities in Africa — responding to COVID-19?
Jiaqi Zhang, research assistant at the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health at Duke University’s Duke Global Health Institute; Justice Nonvignon, associate professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Ghana; and Wenhui Mao, senior policy associate at the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health at Duke University (7/28).

CodeBlue: Realistically, Covid-19 May Be Here To Stay: PKR Health Spokesman (7/29).

CSIS: DREAMS and Covid-19 in Zambia (7/28).

PAHO: PAHO, COICA and other indigenous groups seek to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on Amazonian peoples (7/28).

UNAIDS: #TogetherWeWin: inspiring examples of solidarity during the COVID-19 outbreak in eastern Europe and central Asia (7/28).

WHO: Argentina: There is no economy without health (7/29).

World Economic Forum: This is how the world can get routine vaccinations back on track
Sean Fleming, senior writer for Formative Content (7/28).